2008 Award for Achievement in Wold Newton Studies

The Wold Newton Awards
are fast becoming a tradition at the annual
The first was presented in 2007 to first-time recipient
Win Scott Eckert
, in recognition for various efforts including the
Wold Newton website (An Expansion of Philip José Farmer's Wold
Newton Universe
), a decade's worth of promoting Wold-Newtonry,
and editing the
Locus-nominated anthology of Wold Newtonian essays
Myths for the Modern Age: Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe.
Win's good friends and fellow members of the New Wold Newton
Meteoritics Society (NWNMS)
, Chuck Loridans and John Small, presented
the award at the Farmercon banquet in Peoria, IL, on August 4, 2007.

The award was made based on a quick polling of NWNMS members, who
enthusiastically agreed. This year, more time was provided for NWNMS
members to cast their votes (about six weeks), and this will hold
true going forward.
Dennis Power kindly agreed to administer the
voting this year, and thus removed himself from the running. He will
return to eligibility next year.

So without further adieu, the 2008 Award for Achievement in Wold
Newton Studies
is awarded to Jean-Marc Lofficier. Jean-Marc
is a French science-fiction author of books about films and television
programs, as well as numerous comic books and translations of a
number of animation screenplays. He usually collaborates with his
Randy Lofficier. For many years, "J-M" has maintained the
French Wold Newton Universe website, dedicated to promoting
the captivating and enigmatic, if sometimes overlooked, French
characters inhabiting the Wold Newton Universe, such as
Arsène Lupin,
Fantômas, The Black Coats,
and Judex, to name but a few. In 2003 the
Lofficiers launched
Black Coat Press, primarily devoted to publishing
English-language translations of classics of French popular
literature, science-fiction, mysteries, and adventure, as well as
comics and stage plays. In 2005, Black Coat Press commenced
publishing the annual
Tales of the Shadowmen anthologies of Wold-
Newtonian stories, in which many characters and events from adventure
literature, and in particular French adventure literature, actually
exist in the same universe.

For these achievements, and others too numerous to mention, the NWNMS
is proud to award the 2008 Award for Achievement in Wold Newton
Studies to Jean-Marc Lofficier.

...and JM's acceptance:

Wow! That IS a surprise... I'm thrilled.

I would like to thank Philip José Farmer and the members of the New
Wold Newton Meteoritics Society for this Award, and Win Eckert for
being my spokesman today. Win, you can now use your best fake French

Win: "Oui..."]

Strictly speaking, this Award is not for myself, but for the entire
team of Black Coat Press. It also honors the talent and dedication of

Brian Stableford
, without whom our company would be but a ghost of
its current self,
Frank Morlock, David White, Mark Steele and, of
course, my wife,

Black Coat Press owes its existence to Mr. Farmer. As I wrote in my
introduction to
TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN 1, when I first read his
prodigious biographies of
Tarzan and Doc Savage, I was thrilled to
enrich my knowledge of English-language pulp fiction, but also
saddened that so few of my favorite French heroes were included.

Of course, I realized that the language barrier and the lack of good
translations were to blame.

This is why I resolved that, someday, I would share my enthusiasm and
knowledge of French pulp literature and science fiction with my
fellow devotees from across the Atlantic, and this is why Black Coat
Press exists today.

Thank you all again for this Award and your continued support.