Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) needs little introduction. Dumas Père was perhaps the greatest writer of French popular literarture ever. He is still read today, and fondly remembered for his series of novels featuring The Three Musketeers (including The Man in the Iron Mask) and his classic tale of revenge, The Count of Monte-Cristo. Dumas produced some 250 books with numerous assistants, especially history teacher Auguste Maquet. Dumas was also a successful playwright, writing hundreds of plays. He also penned numerous children's stories and a culinary dictionary, started several magazines and wrote in them weekly.

Dumas' genre work include
Isaac Laquedem (1853), a Wandering-Jew tale, and Le Meneur de Loups (The Wolf Leader) (1857), where a young man agrees a pact with the Devil and turns into a werewolf.


stage play: The Return of Lord Ruthven (2004)
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