Gerard Klein (1937- ) is a French science fiction writer and distinguished economist. He was the first among a new wave of science fiction fans turned writers, inspired by American science fiction. He began publishing a series of Bradbury-influenced short stories in 1955. In 1958, he wrote a Van Vogt-influenced novel, Le Gambit des Étoiles [Starmasters' Gambit] (1958) for the "Rayon Fantastique" imprint. It established him as a major new talent, and from that point on, he has remained one of the best French science fiction writers.

Klein followed up with Le Temps n'a pas d'Odeur [Time Has No Scent] (1963) for "Présence du Futur", and the popular Argyre saga, describing the future history of Man. Written for Fleuve Noir's "Anticipation" imprint under the pseudonym of "Gilles d'Argyre", these were comprised of five novels including the time-thriller Les Tueurs de Temps [The Mote in Time's Eye] (1965). In 1969, Klein, who by then had become a renowned critic and essayist, launched the prestigious "Ailleurs & Demain" science fiction imprint at Robert Laffont. There, he published one major new novel, Les Seigneurs de la Guerre [The Overlords Of War] (1971), and a short story collection, La Loi du Talion [The Law Of Retaliation] (1973).

Since then, Klein has devoted all his energies to his work as editor, anthologist and economist.


novels: The Mote in Time's Eye (2010)