Adolphe d'Espie de La Hire, better known as Jean de La Hire (1878-1956), was a prolific writer of popular adventure series and a pioneer of science fiction with La Roue Fulgurante [The Fiery Wheel] (1908)a proto-space opera. His Le Corsaire Sous-Marin [The Undersea Corsair] (1912-13), was inspired by Jules Verne; Joe Rollon (1919) developed his own take on H. G. Wells' Invisible Man. Alongside the Nyctalope, La Hire created Les Grandes Aventures d'un Boy Scout (1926) in which boy scout Franc-Hardi visits underground realms and other planets.


novel: The Nyctalope vs Lucifer (2007), The Nyctalope on Mars (2008), Enter the Nyctalope (2009)
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