Retailers, wholesalers, and other booksellers wishing to purchase Black Coat Press titles should
e-mail us.

Retail Outlets (purchasers of books for resale directly to the consumer) will earn a 40% discount off the cover price on any quantity order, plus UPS commercial ground freight.

Wholesale Outlets (purchasers of books for sale to retailers) will earn a 50% discount off the list price -- minimum order of 10 copies -- plus UPS commercial ground freight.

Educational / Non-Profit / Corporate outlets purchasing books that will not be resold and will be offered as a premium or incentive, or for use by the organization, will earn 25% off the list price on any quantity order plus UPS commercial ground freight.

Diamond Accounts! Diamond is no longer carrying our books. Please orderdirectfrom usat the SAMEdiscount and we paythe freight! write to us!

All books are non-returnable. Freight on all orders is FOB-Origin.