Philippe Ward is the nom-de-plume of French writer Philippe Laguerre who has built a substantial reputation for tapping the darkest veins of French regional folklore. His first novel, Artahe (1997), received considerable critical acclaim when it was first released. Since then, Ward has authored Irrintzina (1999), a Basque thriller which has won several literary awards. More recently, Ward penned The Song of Montsegur (with Sylvie Miller; 2001) and La Fontaine de Jouvence, a Gilles de Grandin adventure.

Philippe Ward lives not far from Montségur and the medieval citadel of Carcassonne in Southern France and is the editor of Black Coat Press' French imprint, Riviere Blanche.

novel: Artahe (2004), The Song of Montsegur (forthcoming 2010)
short stories: Tales of the Shadowmen 2 (2006)