Ben Leonard, Lord of Light #1


story & art by Guido Zamperoni, 

cover by Alfredo Macall.

Twenty-five years-old Ben Leonard, a journalist working for the newspaper The Globe, suddenly discovers that he is the reincarnation of the mythical Egyptian sun-god Râ, the Lord of Light, and Prince of Heliopolis, a legendary “lost city” of mysterious Immortals, who once gave rise to the Ancient Egyptians’ pantheon.

Murdered by his evil and jealous brother Set, Râ’s soul was projected through time and space by the powers of the wise Thoth, until the time is right for him to rise again.

Having now recovered his true identity and powers, Ben’s awesome task is to defeat Set and free the Immortals of Heliopolis whom the villainous Set has turned to stone.

His only allies in this tremendous battle are his two colleagues, journalists Lucy and Pipp.

7x10 squarebound comic, 88 pages b&w
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-287-6. US$12.95.