Madame Atomos 6: The Revenge of Madame Atomos

by André Caroff
adapted by Michael Shreve

cover by Jean-Michel Ponzio

All of a sudden a small, round object fell down the chimney, bounced and rolled across the floor. It looked like a ball and the little girl stopped sobbing. She scrambled out of the armchair where she had curled up, took a step forward. In a flash the tiger sprang out of the ball, which in reality was a computer, and its hideous muzzle lunged for the little girl.There was a scream and then silence again in the room, which was filling up with the repulsive stench of blood...

US$ 22.95 /GBP 14.99
5x8 tpb, 300 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-119-4

The deadly Madame Atomos is a brilliant but twisted Japanese scientist who is out to avenge herself against the United States for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where she lost her family. Opposing her are Smith Beffort of the FBI, Dr. Alan Soblen, and Yosho Akamatsu of the Japanese Secret Police.

This classic French sci-fi thriller series from the 1960s is presented here in English for the first time in a ten-volume omnibus edition:

- Introduction by J.-M. Lofficier
- The Revenge of Madame Atomos [Mme Atomos Croque le Marmot] (1967)
- The Evil of Madame Atomos [La Ténébreuse Mme Atomos] (1968)
- The Red Silk Scarf (short story by Michel Stephan)
- The Most Dreadful Monster (short story by Matthew Dennion)

In this sixth volume, Madame Atomos threatens the destruction of the United States by spreading the plague virus from her citadel on the secret island of Atomia and succeeds in exacting a terrible revenge on her enemies. But Mie Asuza becomes Miss Atomos again and launches her own war against her deadly creator...

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