New Releases August 2019

 The Angel and the Sphinx

by Edouard Schuré - adapted by Brian Stableford -  cover by Mike Hoffman. READ AN EXCERPT - 200 p. - US$  20.95

Young knight Konrad de Felseneck, last descendant of a noble line, discovers that a curse hangs over his family: women are the curse of the Felseneck since the betrayal of his ancestor during the first crusade. Then he falls into the hands of the beautiful and cruel Gertrude, a young widow whose previous husbands have killed themselves in despair. The Angel and the Sphinx (1897) is one of the most phantasmagorical and intense Romantic and Symbolist novels on the themes of femmes fatales, reincarnation and expiation. Penned by Edgar Schuré, the author of The Great Initiates (1889), it appeals to fans of flamboyant fantasy fiction as well as connoisseurs of Symbolist fiction.

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 Human Seed

by André Couvreur -  adapted by Brian Stableford - cover by Mandy. READ AN EXCERPT - 440 p. - US$ 32.95

André Couvreur’s Human Seed, (1903) was one of the most shocking works of its era, one that attempted more fervently than any other to push back the boundaries of the conventionally-unmentionable, such as contraception, abortion and eugenics, illustrated through the lives of the eighteen children of the Grignon family, afflicted by the ongoing social disasters of syphilis and alcoholism. It will seem to many contemporary readers to be a truly bizarre novel, not so much in putting forward the argument that it does, but in shaping the plot that illustrates and exemplifies said argument. Human Seed is part of a series which includes The Necessary Evil and the futuristic utopian fantasy Caresco, Superman, featuring the brilliant but unscrupulous surgeon Caresco. Human Seed is a truly original work, and a crucial element of a unique and spectacular whole.

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Dick demon: Vanishing Point

HEXAGON COMICS USA RELEASE by J.-M. Lofficier, J.-M. Arden & Manuel Martin Peniche - cover by Manuel Martin Peniche - 104 p. color - US$26.95

Returning to Los Angeles to investigate the death of his father and the disappearance of his brother, Harvard student RICHARD DAMON discovers the existence of a monstrous conspiracy spanning millennia... The Twilight People, chained for centuries, are now awakening, smelling the fear that permeates the City of Angels on the ever of this new millennium, for fear is the one delicacy that creatures of the night find the most delectable... But then, comes one who pushes back the forces of darkness... "DICK DEMON!"

In this exciting supernatural thriller, writer Jean-Marc Lofficier, French artist Arden and Mexian artist Manuel Martin Peniche join forces to explore the underside of Los Angeles and set the stage for several major elements of the Hexagon Universe yet to come.

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