The War of the Sexes

by Odette Dulac
adapted by Brian Stableford

cober by Jean-Felix Lyon

Maya is to be the first vibration of the great cycle of Redemption. Artificial wings will lead to the wings of Genii. The ovipares will triumph over the vivipares, as equilibrium and the alternation of forces requires.

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Odette Dulac's The War of the Sexes (1926) describes a strangely fanciful sexual biology, combined with insectile analogies and an astrological theory of evolution. It incorporates an idiosyncratic mysticism based on Buddhist and Hindu ideas,filtered through the reinterpretations of theosophist feminism.

The result of that triple layering of fantastic notions produced a unique literary construct that has no parallel in literary history. It foreshadows, in many ways, such endeavors as Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Odette Dulacwas one of the most popular cabaret singers in Paris during the first few years of the 20th century. She quit the stage in 1904, launching an entirely new career as a sculptor and a writer, active in the cause of women's rights.

[L'Amour] Tel qu'il est... (J. Snell, 1926)
Introduction, Afterword and Notes by Brian Stableford.

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