The Mote in Time's Eye

by Gérard Klein
adapted by C. J. Richards

cover by Jean-Pierre Normand

"Imagine a cosmic war between two galaxies. A myriad ships tumble into the time traps that protect their stellar fortresses. Who then would give a second thought to the frogs and mosquitoes in the same moats?"
"Maybe, but I'm more inclined to believe that the time masters keep a close eye on what they collect in their traps, and that they come and check it out every so often. I'll find a way to track them down and buy back our freedom."

US$20.95/GBP 12.99
5x8 tpb, 240 p.
ISBN-13: 978-1-935558-48-4

20,000 years from now, a space ship from the human colonies of the Lesser Magellanic Clouds accidentally falls into a time trap set up by two unimaginably powerful rival empires from millions of years in the future. The ship is thrown back 200 million years into the past. Will its Captain, the heroic Varun Shangrin, succeed in returning to their own time? And how did the accident affect the time war between the two shadowy cosmic combatants?

Gérard Klein is a distinguished economist and one of France's best known science fiction writers. He also edited the prestigious science fiction imprint Ailleurs et Demain for 40 years.

This new edition of this classic SF novel from 1965 also includes two short stories translated by SF Grand Master Damon Knight, and an introduction and bibliography by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

- Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
- The Mote in Time's Eye [Les Tueurs de Temps] (1965) by Gérard Klein (writing as Gilles d'Argyre); transl. by C. J. Richards
- The Monster [Le Monstre] (1958) by Gérard Klein; transl. by Damon Knight
- Party Line [Ligne de Partage] (1969) by Gérard Klein; transl. by Arline Higuily
- Bibliography

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