Twenty Thousand Years Under the Sea

By John Peel

Foreword by Paul Magrs.

Cover by Mariusz Gandzel

Its head was like the body of a squid—large, unblinking eyes, and tentacles that fringed a gaping maw, extremities that writhed constantly...
US$ 22.95 /GBP 18.99
5x8 tpb, 272 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-997-8
We often say that certain characters from literature are “immortal”. So, if they are immortal, surely they must have had further adventures?
John Peel knows that they did, and he recounts further tales of those classic greats…

What hidden adventure did Captain Nemo have that was excluded from his tale? What strange streets of Victorian London did Carnacki the Ghost-Finder stalk – and what fresh horrors did he uncover there? Why did Mr. J.G. Reeder agree to burgle an English country house at the request of Inspector Maigret? How could a man who was locked alone in a bank vault manage to get shot to death? Doctor Omega knows the strange answer to a really locked room mystery! Tarzan is Lord of the Jungle… But what of his mate, Jane? Was she always simply in his shadow? Or did she venture further afield?

And in further tales, you will visit King Arthur’s Camelot, Ben Franklin’s revolutionary Revolutionary War, a smattering of vampires, two crazy female samurai warriors, Zorro… and even Death him/her/itself…

Enter within, to the pages of adventures filled with steel and sorrows.

Twenty Thousand Years Under the Sea. 
More Imaginative Sins. 
The Benevolent Burglar. 
Time to Kill 
The Gutter God. 
The Eye of the Hawk. 
Blood Calls for Blood. 
To Protect and Serve. 
Long Time Dead. 
Now Departing….
Pink Samurai 
Doctor Omega and the Silent Planet 
The Wrath of Grapes.